Millie Bobby BrownThe team is responding to recent comments on TikTok’s personality Hunter Ecimovic about the 17-year-old Stranger Things star.

After TikToker posted live Instagram footage on Monday July 12th making suggestive comments about Millie and their alleged relationship, her reps released a statement to E! News from Tuesday, July 13th condemning the “dishonest” statements.

“The statements made by Mr. Ecimovic on social media are not only dishonest, but also irresponsible, insulting and hateful,” the statement said. “Instead of having a public debate with him through the press or on social media, we are taking steps to ensure that he ends this behavior once and for all.”

E! News asked Hunter (21) for an answer. The social media creator, whose Instagram account has since been deactivated, has yet to address Millie’s team’s statement publicly.

During his Instagram Live, which featured in clips posted on social media after his account was deactivated, Hunter and friends laughed in response to social media reaction to photos that Millie and Hunter appear to show together . According to media reports and social media posts, the pictures were taken in 2020 when Millie was 16 and Hunter was 20.