As Mike explained on a previous episode of the podcast, Zara’s friend Dolly Maude was with them at the time and realized they would not make it to the hospital on time. “So it went to the gym, got a mat, went to the bathroom, got a mat on the floor, towels down,” he described, “clip, clip, clip.”

“Fortunately, the midwife who would meet us at the hospital wasn’t that far away,” he remarked, “so she drove up and got there just as we expected [position]. And then the second midwife came shortly after the head arrived. “

Now that they are used to life as a family of five, Mike seems to have granted his wish. “I would like a boy this time,” he said on the podcast in December. “I have two girls. I would like a boy. I will love it, whether it’s a boy or a girl – but please be a boy.”