Meet the woman who brings black history to the modern age.

In honor of Black History Month, E! News’ Nina Parker talked to the photographer Tricia Messerouxwho works to illuminate the achievements of black leaders like John Lewis and Harriet Tubman by recreating some of their iconic moments with black kids portrayed by these heroes in their photos.

Messeroux is the creator of the Toddlewood website, which recreates famous red carpet moments, movie posters, and other notable Hollywood snapshots with children as the theme. Recently, however, she switched gears to focus on a more historical approach to her photography with the Toddlewood Engineers of Equality Project. The move was in response to the murder of George Floydwhich sparked protests against Black Lives Matter around the world last summer.

According to their website, Messeroux “felt obliged to educate through art and inclusion about Toddlewood, their globally acclaimed photography brand”. She received over 3,000 submissions from parents who wanted their children to be part of the project. Over 30 were selected to represent icons such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Angela Davis, Nina Simone, Ava Duvernay, Kendrick Lamar, and Nelson Mandela.