The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic caused schools to disrupt face-to-face learning, instructors across the country have had to adjust lesson plans, master new technology services, and adapt to an unpredictable work environment.

With changes in guidelines and new guidelines, teachers at all grade levels have stepped up to ensure their students receive the best possible education.

“The response from our teachers across the country has been determined, creative, and student-focused,” said the assistant principal of Ladera Ranch Middle School, California Orla Murphy E explained! News. “Our educators have welcomed collaboration across the country, building forums on Facebook and Instagram groups and pages. Lessons have been shared, technology has been taught and learned, and teacher teams have been working harder and stronger than ever before.”

The middle school administrator – and the ex-teacher – continued, “By putting our students and their education first, teachers rebuilt the face of education. Our staff celebrated technology victories together, cried together in frustration, shared successful tools, and.” Failures with vulnerability and grace. “

As schools across the country celebrate National Teachers Day on May 4th, E! The news wanted to do its part, honoring just a few of the many educators who go beyond duty.