Roberto Minuta, photo included as evidence in an arrest warrant

A man connected to Roger Stone – the Republican “filthy con man” who received a pardon from his friend, former President Donald Trump – was arrested on January 6th on criminal charges related to the Capitol uprising .

New York-based Roberto Minuta, who reportedly provided security to Stone in Washington in the hours leading up to the pro-Trump invasion of the Capitol, was arrested Saturday.

Minuta, a tattoo artist in Newburgh, New York with ties to the Oath Guardians right-wing militia group, was released on bail after appearing in federal court in White Plains, New York.

He is accused of obstructing an official process, entering a restricted building or site, and tampering with documents or procedures.

A prosecutor said Minuta admitted to FBI agents that he was in the Capitol during the riot and that he was wearing pepper spray or bear spray that day. He was also seen wearing tactical goggles and gloves and carrying a radio, according to court documents.

These documents also state that when Minuta was leaving the Capitol, he was harassing police officers with other rioters, yelling, “All that’s left is the second change,” while holding up two fingers. According to prosecutors, Minuta has 10 licensed firearms.

Another man was arrested by the FBI on Saturday at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City for rioting at the Capitol after he was deported by authorities in Kenya.

This man, Isaac Steve Sturgeon, is accused of lifting a metal barricade during the riot, shoving it into the police guarding the complex, and then crawling under it to get into the Capitol before being prevented from entering.

Sturgeon, a 32-year-old lawn care business owner from Dillon, Montana, is due to appear in federal court in Brooklyn Monday for obstruction of justice and obstruction of law enforcement during a civil disorder. The prosecution plans to ask a judge to order the detention without bail pending trial.

A criminal complaint states that Sturgeon traveled to Kenya on January 24th and then bought a ticket for the return flight to the United States on April 5th. The Kenyan authorities booted him out of their country before that date.

On January 16, 2021, the FBI posted Photo No. 104-AFO (“Attack on Federal Officials”) on its website and asked the public for assistance in identifying the individuals involved in the Capitol riot. Stör is in the top row on the far right.

Source: FBI | Ministry of Justice

More than 200 people have been charged in connection with the uprising that began after a rally at which Trump urged supporters to help fight Congress’ s confirmation of Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election. Five people, including Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, died in connection with the riot.

Stone is a longtime friend of Trump and a controversial figure in New York and national politics who enjoys a self-identified “dirty trickster” image.

He was convicted in a federal trial in Washington in November 2019 for swearing in Congress that he would get advance information about the disclosure of emails hacked by Russians about Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, then-presidential candidate and the Democratic National Committee in 2016 were campaign.

Trump, who claimed Stone was “a victim of the Russia hoax,” commuted Stone’s 40-month sentence in July 2020, just days before Stone was jailed.

Trump pardoned Stone in late December, more than a month after losing to Biden in the general election.

That same night, Trump also pardoned Stone’s former business partner, Republican adviser Paul Manafort.

Manafort, who had led Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign for some time, had been convicted of crimes related to his counseling work in Ukraine.