Some men have slipped into Victoria’s Secret models Elsa HoskDMs for an unexpected reason.

On Tuesday March 30, the 32-year-old announced on her Instagram story that she had received private messages on social media criticizing her for posting photos of herself showing her baby breastfeeds. Elsa gave birth to her and her boyfriend Tom DalyFirst child, daughter Joan Daly windmill, in February.

“You find it interesting how much dms I get from men who are offended when you post a picture of breastfeeding …” wrote the Swedish model next to a new picture of her breastfeeding her little girl in a car. “How, why is the most natural thing that offends you? Breasts literally exist [sic] so we can feed our children [red heart emoji]. “

Elsa had posted the picture and similar images on her regular Instagram feed a few hours after sharing her Instagram story message. She then wrote: “Mothers back on set on the first day and see who came with them.”