Speaking of his time at The Masked Dancer, the star says he “couldn’t have asked for a better experience”. He also reveals that his only condition in participating in the show as a sloth was that he was only responsible for the dancing and didn’t have to worry about details like the choreography or his clothes.

“I just wanted to play the role and do my best in my role,” says Maks. “Of course I would have a say in the choreography or in some steps and things like that, but I didn’t want to take responsibility. I didn’t want to behave in my own way, because I’ve got a lot from times in the past, in other projects. “

Obviously he is very exciting in his life right now, having recently launched the online video platform Dance & Co. which gives users access to dance classes, workouts, shows and much more. In the midst of it all, he appreciates that fatherhood continues to change him for the better.

“I’m probably learning more from Shai than from me,” enthuses the proud dad. “He’s growing, he’s great, he’s incredible.”