This is not a repetition of Married at First Sight, that is Jamie Otis“Current reality.

The 35-year-old who tied the knot Doug Hehner in the first season of the Lifetime series, opens the curtain and speaks openly about the marital problems she and her husband face.

On Tuesday, August 9, the reality TV personality posted on Instagram and shared a photo of herself and Doug, 35, tearing up and hugging in their car after a “hot” phone call with their therapist.

“We don’t give up on each other – not now, never,” Jamie began with her caption. “TBH, sitting in the car in a random parking lot and crying – like that hard ugly scream with snot noses and hiccups – wasn’t at all what I wanted to share today … but here we are.”

The former undergraduate candidate then described the conversation she had with her therapist, saying, “It started screaming, screaming, blaming … but ended up holding on to each other and trying our next steps To find out TOGETHER. “