Giannina continued: “When I spoke to [Francesca], I didn’t know if she really wasn’t up to date or was just trying to be nice to me, but I felt like she was getting mixed signals too. They just wanted to get to the bottom of the matter. It just felt right to me. ”

The Love Is Blind star stood by her warning to Francesca (“I’ll also let someone know if they get a little close when they shouldn’t”), but G is through with Damian once and for all.

“I’m officially single,” Giannina announced proudly. “You heard it here first! I feel really good about it. I’m happy, I’ve only traveled one way, lived my life, lived a nomadic life and just saw where the world will take me next.”

And let’s just say she has the ball in view when it comes to her next husband: “Someone said I should play a footballer,” teased Giannina. “So every football player who is European and can use a little spice, I love to watch football.”

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