First love can be very special, and it looks like it Lourdes Leon can agree with the age-old saying when it comes to their previous relationship with Timothee Chamalet.

The former couple sparked dating rumors back in 2013 while attending LaGuardia High School for Music, Art, and the Performing Arts in Manhattan, but neither party has ever publicly confirmed the relationship – until now.

Though the teenage love affair is estimated to have happened over seven years ago, Lourdes (currently making waves as the newest face of a Marc Jacobs 2021 campaign) is still fondly thinking about her first love.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, she told about her first relationship with the young actor. “I respect him very much, we were a small thing,” she told the magazine. “My first friend.”

The small but subtle reflection in the mirror is a welcome confirmation of a romance the couple has not previously discussed publicly. Even when Timothée was asked about the relationship almost four years later, the movie star still managed to shy away from the hot topic.