Michael B. Jordan & Lori Harvey’s relationship schedule

Lori Harvey is super excited for her husband’s big Super Bowl LV debut.

During the big game on Sunday 7 February, the daughter of Steve Harvey took to her Instagram to rave about her boyfriend Michael B. Jordan in his commercial for Amazon.

The giggling 24-year-old filmed the entire ad and shared it with her Instagram story, accompanied by heart-eyed emojis and a cute caption that read “Congratulations on your commercial Superbowl baby @michaelbjordan”. She also panned her camera at her Boo to make sure her 3.2 million followers got a look at her smiling husband.

The actor, who officially became Instagram with Harvey in January, also shared her IG story on his own account and added some excited emojis himself.

Following her sweet homage, Harvey shared some key facts about the actor’s Super Bowl spot. “@ amazons video sharing the Alexa ad and @ michaelbjordan’s abs was viewed over 50 million times on YouTube before it even aired during the game,” the Listen First tweet read. “That’s 2.6 times more video views than any other Super Bowl ad post over the same period.”