A number of people posted memes indicating that the two fighters spent part of the fight leaning against each other and hugging. Logan obviously noticed these memes.

Just before the fight, he posted an illustration on his Instagram story showing him and Floyd kissing. Then after the fight was over, Logan posted a screenshot of Barstool Sports from the match showing him resting his head on Floyd’s shoulder with his eyes closed while both boys had their arms wrapped around each other.

“Having a heart for heart with your boy at 3am after you’ve had all the beers,” read the caption from Barstool Sports. Logan shared the post but didn’t add a message of his own.

Earlier in the day, the social media character tweeted that it was his dream to become the world’s greatest entertainer when he moved to LA five years ago. “I had no idea HOW or WHEN it was going to happen, but after 6 years of manifestation it happens,” Logan wrote. “Life is a wild ride.”