It is impossible not to love Jennifer Anistonand apparently that’s true even if your own mother was also a performer in Friends.

Lisa Kudrow visited Conan on Wednesday May 12th where she told the host Conan O’Brien that her son, Julian, who recently turned 23 and attended the Friends Set with his mother as a young child, has mixed feelings about watching the iconic sitcom now.

“I know he hasn’t seen every episode,” Lisa said of her only child, although she wasn’t entirely sure why he wasn’t more curious. “I know for a while at school people saw it. And he felt like he had to do it so he could take part in what everyone else was seeing. And he really thought that everyone else was very funny.” were show. “

Conan pointed out that a typical step for children is not to be impressed by their parents, and the 57-year-old Easy A-star agreed. The host continued, “He was a little confused. I know he was really obsessed with Jen.”