UPDATE: Michael Costello returned to his Instagram story to post a long reply Leona Lewis“Allegations against him.

In the message posted on Tuesday June 15, the fashion designer wrote that he sent the singer an Instagram DM earlier in the day to address her message that he allegedly embarrassed her in 2014.

“Given that you have shared your experience with me publicly on Instagram without first coming to me privately, I have no choice but to answer you here when I tried to reach you privately with no luck.” he announced.

Michael wrote that he “was really surprised to hear about your traumatic experience with me” as he remembered they were having a “wonderful time”. He claimed he gave dress options to Leona at the time and she told him she loved her.

He added that after her team contacted him in May 2021 about wearing a look for American Idol, Leona had invited him himself to customize it and that he remembered they had a pleasant conversation.

“You never told me how you were feeling and you kept wearing me, tagging me, and your team reached out to me to request more clothes … Just last month,” the designer continued. “I’ve had tons of opportunities, lost sleepless nights, and I’m not in good mental shape. I wish you would speak to me directly instead of Instagram, especially when I’m at my most vulnerable moment.”

Michael also wrote, “I pray that your intentions are pure and that you will not act recklessly to smear me and all the clothes I created for you to save a friend you would be just as shocked.”

He concluded the post by letting Leona know that he would be available for “heart-to-heart” conversation whenever she was ready.

Leona Lewis shares her experience with Michael Costello.

On Tuesday June 15, the “Bleeding Love” singer recalled a time when she said the fashion designer made her “embarrassed” and felt “deeply hurt” when they worked together on the 2014 defendants Chrissy Teigen harass him that same year.

Although Chrissy publicly apologized for previous re-emerged tweets and a separate bullying allegation in a letter posted Monday June 14, she did not comment on Michael’s allegations.

Leona shared her past encounter with the style expert on Instagram Stories, while expressing sympathy for his mental health problems after he shared that Chrissy’s alleged bullying had led him to suicidal thoughts.

“I don’t usually talk about such topics. But to be honest, I have the feeling that I have to say something because I’ve been unsure of it for years, ”Leona began her statement. “I don’t condone any form of bullying and I’m sorry for what Michael Costello went through. I wanted to share my experience in 2014. “