Padma Lakshmi: “This is deeply sad. Trump on Fox * tonight * was referring to COVID with the racist arc of ‘China virus’. He used to call it the” kung flu “. As he continues to spread hatred against Asian Americans, people are listening like this shooter too. “

Daniel Dae Kim: “The race of the person committing the crime matters less than the simple fact that when you act with hatred in your heart you are part of the problem. And to those who have the power to help and yet do nothing your silence is complicit. #StopAsianHate. “

Kendrick Sampson: “Pray for the relatives of those who were killed in Atlanta. Pray for everyone who has been attacked by violence by the white supremacists, and especially for those who are attacked because they are Asian. We have to build a coalition and show solidarity his stop that. “

Jeremy Lin: “This is sooo heartbreaking … to pray for our world. For my Asian-American family, please take the time to mourn, but know that you are loved, seen and IMPORTANT. We must keep standing up, speak up, unite and fight for change We can’t lose hope !! #StopAsianHate #NOW. “

Bernice King: “My heart goes out to the families and communities of the eight people who were murdered in subway spas in Atlanta. I am deeply saddened that we live in a nation and world steeped in hatred and violence. I stand with Asian members of our world house. who are part of our global human family. “

Ethan Embry: “If we all approved the use of graphic images of our bodies for American gun reform purposes in the event we died of a gunshot wound, would the visual barrage of horror help? Like what they did to clear up the harm of smoking. Us Americans should be forced to see the damage. “

Adam Richman: “I called Atlanta home for seven years. My heart goes out to the Asian community tonight. END THIS POINTLESS VIOLENCE AGAINST THE ASIAN COMMUNITY NOW!”

Glennon Doyle: “My heart is in Atlanta tonight. God bless these families. The rise in anti-Asian violence is angry and frightening for so many – including my family -. These women, this community, my children, this nation are heartbroken. “

Julian Castro: “My thoughts are with the victims of today’s shootings in Atlanta and their families. This massacre seems to be driven by hatred, especially against Asian Americans. We must unite against this violent bigotry.”

Lulu Wang |: “I know these women. The ones who work their way to the bone to send their children to school, to send money home. Too much pain to know what else to say, so I’ll leave just here. “

Roxane gay: “This is terrible. And completely out of control. It has been since the beginning of this anti-Asian violence. I am so sorry for these lost lives and so many communities living in fear.”