We promise you: Lance bass has some great news to share.

The NSYNC Member and his husband Michael Turchin are expecting twins, a boy and a girl from a surrogate mother. The singer’s spokesperson confirmed the pregnancy, telling E! News that Lance and Michael are “very excited to become a family of four!”

Lance and Michael also told People who brought the news, “We always knew that if we wanted to start a family, we wanted to find twins just because Michael is a twin – he’s a boy / girl twin. And he just loved that I always wanted to have a twin, but we thought, ‘Well that’s so perfect because now we can do one of mine, one of you.’ It was a breeze! “

As they teased earlier on TikTok, they expect to arrive in November, but Lance hopes they get there in time for Halloween. “You have no choice but to love Halloween because I am obsessed and you will be obsessed,” he joked to the point of sale.