“My perfect fiance and partner in life, Lala. I love you to the moon and back,” he said. “I am so grateful that I made it through a global pandemic last year and my heart cries out for the family of our friends and people around the world who lost loved ones to Covid. This year I am just grateful.”

The film producer stated that he cherishes every moment with loved ones and encouraged his followers to lead positively.

“I know that sounds cheesy at my age, but I hope we can be more friendly and support each other,” he said. “Today my birthday wish has already been fulfilled … a healthy new member of our family! I pray that the world we live in will work harder to be kinder and love one another, regardless of gender, race, or background … that is what matters and what I will continue to teach my children. “

On March 15, he announced the arrival of his little girl on Instagram and wrote: “She is healthy, beautiful and perfect like her mother.”

He later added, “Family makes my heart happy.”

As early as September, the two announced that they would be expecting their first child together on the Bravo star’s 30th birthday. At the time, Lala said she “couldn’t think of any other way to celebrate” before announcing the baby news.

“I’m shaking because I can’t believe it’s a real thing,” the reality TV personality revealed excitedly at the time. “I cry about everything, but today there are very happy tears.”