Kristin Cavallari and Austen Kroll finally clear the air.

The reality TV stars have been at the center of romantic rumors for weeks after the Very Cavallari personality hung out with the Southern Charm star and other friends in December 2020. The speculation about dating only increased when Kroll revealed that Cavallari had “slipped into” his castmate Craig ConoverDMs during a live performance by Watch What Happens.

Cavallari told her truth about the matter during the episode of Kroll and Conovers Pillows and Beer podcast on Feb.9.

When Cavallari sent her message to Conover, she explained, “So I got you, slipped into the DMs and thanked you for the masks. We’re going to Charleston in a month or whatever. I was what I think we.” I’ll all hang out because you guys already had this connection with [her best friend] Justin [Anderson]. It wasn’t romantic, it wasn’t flirtatious. You never told me you had a girlfriend because she never came to this place. “

Conover repeated, “I’m just going to remove the word ‘foil’ from my vocabulary because of what you said. Justin’s been a big fan of the company for a while. That made us friends, you come to Charleston, and we had one great time. “