As the conversation continues, Kourtney reveals that she is working on a celibacy article for Poosh. Lord Disick quips, “Well, we’ve been celibate for a while.”

However, according to Kourtney, they “still had sex” even though Scott believed they weren’t. Scott returns with “You said it Sarah Howard They thought I was a porn star when we first met. “

Although Kourtney confirms this remark, she makes it clear that she is not thinking about her past. In Scottish fashion, he jokes, “There’s no apartment, baby. You’ve been with a porn star once.”

Regarding the KUWTK camera, Kourtney shares that she “forgot how nice it is to just have a chat with Scott without the kids”.

After Kourtney makes it clear that they are “friends,” Scott adds – in a slightly discouraged tone – “purely platonic”.