One thing that was definitely hot Paris HiltonHer life was the sticky food she used to enjoy eating with Kim Kardashian after a night of partying in the city.

Paris attended the Tonight Show on Tuesday, August 17th, where she chatted with the host Jimmy Fallon about her current Netflix series Cooking With Paris. During the meeting, Jimmy shared that he had seen the episode of the kitchen show where Kim came to Paris to make lucky charms and granola-crusted French toast, and he wanted to know more.

After Jimmy asked his guest how long she had known the alum Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Paris replied, “All our lives since we were little girls.”

This prompted the comedian to ask, “How often have you cooked together?” To which Paris explained, “Before, when we went out at night, we would come home and make grilled cheese.”

Jimmy then wanted to know her favorite recipe for grilled cheese. “Brioche bread, cheddar cheese, lots of butter,” said the star of The Simple Life.