Maeve Townsend Kennedy McKean and her son Gideon McKean are remembered by loved ones on the one year anniversary of their tragic death.

On Friday April 2nd, the Kennedy-McKean family emailed the launch of Maeve and Gideon’s website, which will serve as the “virtual scrapbook of their lives and those who loved them.”

Additionally, people can learn about and support the scholarships, fundraisers, and other charitable activities that are conducted on their behalf on the website.

“This has been the most painful year of sorrow and grief for us and for so many other people around the world,” said People’s email. “Maeve and Gideon were beautiful, bubbly, caring, people, and we were so grateful for the pouring of love from all of those whose lives they touched.”

Numerous photos were shared by the granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy and her son, who lived with her mother, the former Maryland Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend‘s, house near Annapolis at the time of her death.