When it comes to celebrities keeping it real online, Kelsea Ballerini can only be a legend.

While pop culture fans enjoy their hits like “Miss Me More”, “Homecoming Queen?” and “Peter Pan,” the country singer, has also built a large, loyal following on social media thanks to her honest and relatable posts.

The 27-year-old posed for a week in a swimsuit that she bought at her local destination. In the next week she documents her “weekly date” on the Chick-Fil-A-Durchfahrt. Spoiler alert: She loves the nuggets and waffle fries.

And while she can be nominated for Artist of the Year at the ACM Awards 2021, which will air on Sunday April 18, this singer likes to document her normal life for her fans. And guess what? The best could still come.

“Sooooo y’all. We haven’t finished yet. And neither have I,” Kelsea shared on Twitter in October. “I just have a few things that I look forward to sharing with you. I’ve been safe but busy [bee]. “

She added, “Some shows, some surprises. I need to refill my teapot now, apparently I’ve spilled something.”