Katie Thurston responds to a tweet that was a bit of a buzzkill.

The 30-year-old Seattle native, whose finale aired on The Bachelorette earlier this month, posted on Twitter on Sunday, August 22nd that she recently ingested a marijuana-infused food. Katie, an outstanding one Matt James‘Run from The Bachelor, engaged to Blake Moynes in their season finale.

“I just picked up an edible that was lying on my living room floor surrounded by responsibility while listening to drug music on Spotify,” wrote Katie. “And how are you?” She did not state whether Blake, who lives in Canada, was with her at the time.

As a result, a number of fans posted positive responses, including one who wrote, “You are my person! Food, meditation music, waiver of responsibility… ..sorry Blake, I would love to steal your girl and be her best friend. “

When another social media user asked Katie if she really wanted to type in “meditation,” the star replied, “Hahahahah yeah, but in a way I think it’s drugs for the mine. Or maybe that edible is already a hit [smiling with sweat emoji]. “