One guy just wasted his chances Katie Thurston, and The Bachelorette star couldn’t be happier to take the wind out of his sails.

Tension arose between the Monday, June 14th episode of the ABC dating series Aaron and Cody, hinted at in the premiere last week, came to a head during the mud wrestling group date when the two met for an intense one-on-one match. Aaron emerged victorious and was named winner of the date, and immediately afterward, Katie pulled him aside to find out why the two men had such frayed feelings.

“We knew each other before, so I was surprised to see him here, but we’re not really cool,” Aaron told her. “I know that is why he really wants to get famous or get on the show for these reasons.”

Katie then shared Aaron’s concerns with Cody, who was previously best known for his curious decision to take an inflatable doll named Sandy into the limo, and who also stood out for his equally quirky job title, “Zip Sales Manager.”