Justin Timberlake has a new baby – and a new album that is already in the works.

On January 29th, the artist “Can’t Stop the Feeling” performed President Joe BidenThe star-studded inauguration ceremony earlier this month appeared on The Tonight Show to chat with a good friend and host Jimmy Fallon about what his life is like now that he and his wife Jessica Biel just welcomed her second baby, Phineas.

“Nobody sleeps,” explained Justin, “but he’s so cute.”

Jimmy confirmed that Justin’s new baby was funny too, telling the audience that Phineas did his “first piece” during her FaceTime by making a face for the camera. (Hmm … can we expect to see Phineas live on Saturday night in a few years time to follow in his father’s footsteps ?!)

The singer, who is currently starring in the new film Palmer on Apple TV +, announced that he not only takes care of his little one, but also works on new music.

When Jimmy asked if fans can expect a new album, Justin said, “There is a possibility. Let’s go with ‘yes’. I’ve been in and out of the studio working on stuff. I played you a few pieces . ”

When asked how Justin has the “patience” not to release his new songs right away, the social network actor stated that this was part of his process.