Selma Blair and Justin Long are the power couple that almost was!

48-year-old Selma announced on Instagram that her managing director tried a long time ago to match her with the 42-year-old new girl actor. However, as the saying goes, she’s learned that he just isn’t that into her.

Years later, Selma admitted that she “can see why” it didn’t work out. She took a stroll back in time after watching Justin re-enact one of her most famous scenes from Cruel Intentions with the master of viral parodies. Sarah Ramos, in this week.

On Monday April 5, Justin posted the parody on Instagram and revealed herself as Selma’s character Cecile when she was talking about an orgasm in a conversation with Kathryn (originally played by) Sarah Michelle Gellar, played by Sarah Ramos in his comedy clip).

Justin explained why he wanted to recreate the scene for which he wore a dark wig and a red dress like Cecile. “Sarah started making these brilliant homage videos at the beginning of the quarantine, which I really fell in love with,” he said. “Long before I became a huge @saraheramos fan, I was a fan of ‘Cruel Intentions’ and @selmablair.”