Justin Bieber is charged with cultural appropriation after sharing photos of himself with dreadlocks.

The singer debuted the look in a picture shared on Instagram on Sunday April 25th. The next day, Justin shared another photo of himself in a plaid shirt and a pink pearl necklace.

After Justin shared the photos, fans expressed disapproval of the hairstyle, and one Instagram user wrote, “This is not Justin.”

Another person noted on Twitter: “@scooterbraun You and your client @justinbieber post BLM for days talking about being an ally or educating yourself, but turn around to do this stupidity which is very performative. I’m sick of you. ” “”

Dreads, also known as locs, have historically been worn by members of the black community who have been discriminated against because of their hairstyle.

And this is not the first time that Justin has been called for carrying locomotives.

In 2016, Justin was heavily criticized at the iHeartRadio Music Awards for wearing his hair in dreadlocks. Shortly thereafter, he shaved his hair to remove the dreads, but not without making a statement.