The baseball player said he appreciated “the support and friendships and the fun times and laughter” he has had over the past 22 episodes. “It was amazing and an experience I’ll never forget,” remarked Josh.

The islanders quietly gathered around the couple to hug them goodbye, with cashbox Proud foot tells them, “I’m so sorry.”

The Love Island USA Twitter account wrote on August 5th: “We send our love and condolences to Josh and his family from all of us at Love Island. [heart emoji]. “

Shannon and Josh were the only couple at the mansion to become exclusive after he asked her to be his girlfriend on the August 4th episode during their waterfall ziplining date.

After the couple left, castmates expressed their condolences in one-on-one interviews. Through tears Kyra Lisama reflects, “It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see Josh and Shannon go.”

Cash added, “I couldn’t even imagine what he was going through, what he was feeling.”

Jeremy Hershberg said, “I’m kind of in shock right now. He’s obviously missing here and I can’t wait to see him when I get out and be there for him.”

Earlier this week, candidate Leslie Golden suddenly left the dating show too. The influencer later wrote on her Instagram story that she left after doing something “a little illegal”.