JoJo Fletcher sets the record just about their relationship Jordan Rodgers.

The Bachelor Nation alum met Rodgers – a former NFL player and sports commentator who is the brother of the Green Bay Packers quarterback – and Shailene Woodley‘s new fiance Aaron Rodgers –on season 12 of The Bachelorette in 2016. Although Rodgers asked the question at the end of the show, the two announced three years later that they were re-engaged.

“I love @joelle_fletcher with all my heart !!” Rodgers took an Instagram picture of Fletcher in August 2019 showing her new diamond ring. “I kept going to propose, with no cameras, no producers, no drama … just against us. Our first engagement was so real and meant so much to both of us, but when we started planning our wedding for the next year, I wanted to do it all over again, OUR WAY! “

However, in a new interview with Us Weekly, the former Bachelorette admitted that she and Rodgers weren’t always sure they wanted to stay engaged at all.

“I think that was one of the reasons we stayed together in the beginning. There were so many reasons why we thought we shouldn’t be together,” she told the outlet. “I think subconsciously for me and for him there was this pressure, not just from people watching the show, but also from our family and friends.”