FINALLY. This is the WandaVision and Full House crossover we have been waiting for all along.

Before the Disney + show finale on Friday March 5th, our favorite TV uncle John Stamos shared an adorable behind-the-scenes photo of his tiny Olsen co-star from his days as a full house.

No it wasn’t Mary-Kate Yet Ashley Olsenbut her younger sister Elizabeth Olsen, that appeared in his more than 25-year-old relapse picture.

On Thursday March 4th, on the set of Full House, John posted a picture of himself hugging Elizabeth, who was likely 6 at the time. Her older sisters starred as Michelle Tanner in the original series, but Elizabeth appeared on an episode as “Girl with Flowers” in 1995 and said she hung out on the set a lot.

In the photo, Elizabeth was smiling as she donned a plaid top and statement headband and her freckles were fully exposed.