John Stamos just doesn’t stand for it.

The 57-year-old Big Shot actor had a few words for the Republican congressional candidate Omar navarro on June 1, after the politician tweeted a complaint about Disney’s Cruella – the most recent live-action film to feature Emma Stone– to have a gay character in the film.

“The new Disney Cruella starring Emma Stone just ruined my childhood with an overtly flamboyant gay in the movie,” wrote Navarro on Twitter. “Disney continues to hold the LGBT agenda down our throats.”

While Stamos himself isn’t featured in the live-action prequel, that didn’t stop the former General Hospital star from addressing Navarro’s comments directly. He retweeted Navarro’s original statement and wrote back, “If this ruined your childhood, I hope you didn’t see Full House. Three single men who live under one roof and raise children in San Francisco … “

The clapback, as fans may recall, is a nod to his hugely popular character, Uncle Jesse, in the classic sitcom Full House, in which the actor began playing the role in 1987 through the show’s 1995 finale. He also repeated his role in Fuller House.