He recalled a “shocking” fishing expedition he saw as a child that seems to have changed his mind.

“As a child, your parents just say ‘It’s fish’ and you don’t know the difference between fish and broccoli. And suddenly you realize that this thing we ate once was full of life and we can see it is fighting for its life, “he broke off.

Joaquin and his siblings then vowed to change their ways. “My brother, flow, and my sister rain said, ‘If we don’t eat this, then we shouldn’t take their milk or wear leather.’ That was 43 years ago, “he added.

Baby River is actually named after Elder River, who died in 1993 at the age of 23.

Last month, Rooney spoke about how motherhood has changed the way she lives, while also supporting an environmental campaign for the vegan Farm Sanctuary.

The Carol actress wrote, “Raising our baby River opened my heart to a whole new life full of hope and more determination than ever to create a friendlier and more sustainable world.”