Not all heroes wear capes, including Will Arnett.

During the episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live on February 17th, the Arrested Development star was kind enough to agree to an interview if another actor didn’t show up.

host Jimmy Kimmel thanked Arnett for filling it out at the last minute with the words: “Last minute cancellation thing. Do you know your way around? Jason Bateman? “

Arnett, who said he didn’t want his fellow actor “out,” replied, “Yes Jason, obviously too busy …” However, Kimmel gave a little more context to what was actually happening.

“That’s what you said, too busy,” Jimmy explained. “They said he was doing his show so he couldn’t do the show. And you know, I said, ‘Yeah, we’re doing our show too.’

Arnett took up the joke, reminding viewers that Bateman was “a good friend” of the show, and he simply resigned because “Blow-zark’s schedule has changed or something”.