Fatherhood is everything Jesse Tyler Ferguson hoped it would and more.

Almost eight months after welcoming his first child with husband Justin MikitaThe Modern Family star sucks in every moment with his son. And when Jesse appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, he revealed some of the books and songs he’d already introduced to Baby Beckett.

“It’s a lot of show songs because I like that. We’ll raise him gay until he decides he’s straight,” Jesse joked on Tuesday March 9th. “We played on the way back from the hospital Britney Spears because that’s exactly what Justin asked of him. That was his first encounter with music. There is a lot of singing. I write a lot of songs for him. Everything has a song. “

Eating Between Friends: One cookbook author added, “He’s going to be like a straight kid. Who knows. I’ll let him do what he wants. But I just feel like you want to play football. I need to learn how you do all these things. “