RIP air traffic (1903-2020).

Jennifer GarnerThe latest Instagram video is a real step backwards and we definitely get emotional about it.

The Yes Day actress yesterday erected a monument to all things of the past. We’re not talking about typewriters and tapes. No, we are referring to the rarities known as airplanes and skinny jeans.

Jen shared an old video of herself walking down an airplane jet bridge and kicking goblins before boarding. The clip cut to her dragging two rolling suitcases in jeans through the airport, then showed them prancing on a moving walkway.

She titled it “Travel: A Memorial” (also known as “Tight Jeans: Goodbye Forever”). Apparently Jen, like us, hasn’t worn tight jeans since the coronavirus pandemic started last year.

Her ode to airplanes continued with a photomontage of herself smiling and sleeping in various airplane seats as she soared through the sky.