Apparently they weren’t all friends.

While any fan worth their Central Perk mug can easily list many of the stars to appear in guest roles on Friends, Jennifer Aniston recently revealed that there is one she remembers for all the wrong reasons. While appearing on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show, The actress declined to name the person but said it was a man. “It was like they were just too great,” she explained, “to be on a sitcom.”

She remembered the network and producers laughing during a network run, which apparently annoyed the guest. “This person said, ‘Listen to them, just laugh at their own jokes. So stupid, not even funny,'” she repeated. “It was just like, ‘What are you doing here? Your attitude – that’s not our point.'”

As Aniston put it, “This is a wonderful, warm place and you come into our house and just look at it.”