The Batwoman was “very getting used to,” said Leslie. “Nobody tells you how to get up or talk or anything!”

While the deeper Batwoman voice was partly thanks to a modulator, she remembered getting notes after filming the first few episodes about lowering her voice herself. Now the lower register is automatic as soon as she puts on the hood.

“There’s no other superhero on my show right now, so to learn how to stand and present myself. I had to figure that out for myself, figure out what a superhero looks like to myself, to Ryan,” she said. “Ryan isn’t your average superhero. She didn’t grow up and never felt like she ever could have been so I think she figured out how to stand, how to hold her hands and things like that, I got it completely understood because that’s what I was trying to figure out. ”

Now it feels completely natural and Leslie has figured out how to take possession of the iconic character.

“This is Ryan’s Batwoman and that can never be changed,” she said. “That’s why it feels completely natural, because it feels natural to be Ryan.”