Jennifer Aniston played an important role in Jason Bateman2021 Golden Globes appearance.

After the awards show, which aired on Sunday February 28th, the friends’ alum went to their Instagram story to share Bateman’s big secret: he practically appeared from home!

“Bateman came over and brought the @goldenglobes,” she signed a photo of the actor and his daughters Francesca Nora (14) and Maple Sylvie (9) in front of a laptop and a ring light.

Aniston didn’t move too much from the table her fellow actor was using when she drew an arrow on a framed photo of her father John Aniston and wrote, “Dad and I made a little cameo.”

The actress then shared a video with Bateman waiting for his cue while another person helped angle his light. Fortunately, the well-designed house had exactly what it took to get the lighting just right. “My color by number finally found calling,” she wrote.