Jared Padalecki doesn’t seem to be in such a good mood Jensen Ackles will continue the Supernatural franchise without him.

The 38-year-old Gilmore Girls alum took to Twitter Thursday June 24th to share his obvious surprise that Jensen, his co-star for 15 seasons in the popular drama from The CW, was developing a prequel series, which he will tell as his character Dean Winchester, in addition to his work as a producer.

Several hours after Jensen, 43, posted a news article about the new project called The Winchesters, Jared tweeted it with a quote, claiming he had no idea the spin-off was in the works.

“Dude,” wrote the actor who played Dean’s brother Sam Winchester. “Happy for you. I wish I had heard about this in a way other than Twitter. I’m excited to see that, but I’m disappointed that Sam Winchester wasn’t involved at all. “

Fans were understandably confused by the news as it seems hard to believe that Jared wouldn’t have gotten into a loop. After all, what a lot of fans about the original Supernatural series, which signed in November 2020, loved the chemistry between the two main characters.