“Wonky” means that all heart songs have been changed and people are singing the wrong songs.

“She goes into detective mode with Mo as a confidante,” continues Levy. “And they find out whose heart song actually belongs to whom throughout the episode.”

There is a song for almost every single main character, though some are more meaningful than others. In particular, a performance with Zoey’s current crush Simon (John Clarence Stewart), is perhaps one of the funniest things that ever happened on the show. It’s a viral hit, lots of hand movements, and some rolling on the floor, and it’s Levy’s favorite in the episode.

“I think I was so shocked, like I was really incredulous that I didn’t really have to do anything,” she says of her role in the song, which mainly consists of standing there looking completely confused. “We were filming so late at night after a really long day and everyone was exhausted. And then this song happened and everyone was in the best of spirits. And if anyone can pull off this song, apparently it’s John Stewart.”