In 2016 she and Caussin welcomed their first child together, their 5-year-old daughter Jolie Rae. Two years later, she announced that they had a “rainbow baby” on the way after suffering multiple pregnancy losses.

As she said on her podcast back then, “It’s been a tough journey.” Caussin weighed in, adding, “We appreciate the miracle of having a baby based on what we’ve been through, what you’ve been through with miscarriages, and I think anyone who’s been through that can definitely relate to it.”

Her son Jace Joseph was born in November 2018. On Mother’s Day in May, just a few weeks after the divorce petition, Kramer paid tribute to the “loved ones of my life”.

“I kept saying ‘why’ over the last month. Now i know why. It was so I could be a mom to these two incredible babies, ”she wrote on Instagram. “Being chosen as your mother will always be the greatest chapter of my life.”