Now that wearing the 25-pound atlas up the stairs is literally no sweat, she shared her impressive AF results with her nearly 30 million Instagram followers, then doubled down and started another four weeks with Babel who’s “Always Good.” looks, “she admitted,” but he’s in incredible shape right now. ”

For Mitchell, 4 Weeks of Focus’ paint-by-numbers approach was a huge win. “I want to do a training session where I’m only told what to do,” she said. “And that’s why personal trainers are paid a lot of money. Because you walk in and someone tells you what to do, you’ll get the results you want.”

Heenan certainly delivered. “People always say, ‘Oh, do you feel like you have to snap back?'” Mitchell explained one of the more common questions after giving birth. “And my thing in all of my post-Atlas conversations was, ‘No, I want to snap forward.’ And I feel like me. I feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally than I did before she was born. “