Calling for divine intervention.

Plastic surgery patient Jazmyn meets with Dr. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow in a quick look at Botched tonight, which airs July 20th, to see whether or not her large birthmark can be removed. Like Dr. Nassif explains, Jazmyn’s features are dangerously on the back of the neck and fall off exactly where the skin tightens.

“This is a very challenging case for anyone,” warns Nassif. “Now, if I just went in there and tried to cut it out, it wouldn’t work because the skin on the neck and behind the eye usually doesn’t stretch that well. We couldn’t close your skin. ”

Still, the always inventive Nassif has a “little idea” of how to loosen Jazymn’s skin before the operation: A tissue expander could be placed under her birthmark to slowly expand the area over a few weeks.

Even Dr. Dubrow has to admit it’s a good idea. “Well, I’ve never thought of that,” he says.