Is Peter Weber ready to hand out more roses?

Though the pilot who starred in season 24 of The Bachelor recently quit with his girlfriend Kelley FlanaganThat doesn’t mean his heart is ready to go. As Peter said in an exclusive interview with E! Despite recent rumors, he has no immediate plans to re-enroll for the Bachelor’s degree.

Peter referred to the speculation, including an April Fool’s joke prank claiming he was in talks to get back to the franchise, and told E! Messages: “I had a couple of friends who sent me screenshots of it. I was just as confused as they were, so I don’t know anything else about it. I’m just as lost in the dark as you are. There are no conversations going on.”

It could be difficult for Peter these days to break free from his busy schedule. Born in Southern California, he moved to New York City in early 2021, where he has teamed up with TaskRabbit for a new partnership. In fact, Peter recently took on the role of Tasker for a day and demonstrated his new practical skills.