Bling Empire delivered some seriously unreal reality TV moments.

Netflix’s new reality show is one we couldn’t turn off when a penis pump is thrown out the window and a child portrays their late grandmother’s reincarnation on a cross-country ski hunt for a biological father.

With so many wild TV moments in one season, fans naturally wondered if Bling Empire was scripted. So during our exclusive chat with Kevin KreiderWe asked the model to show how real this reality show is.

His answer: “For me it’s 100 percent.”

Kevin just wanted to speak to his own movie experience and made it clear that the fans are witness to his real life.

“I know what I went through, it was so real,” Kevin told E! News. “I even spoke to the producers and said, ‘Does that happen a lot in real life?’ They said they pray for things like that because it’s gold. It’s real. “

At this point Kevin emphasized that the production “documents real things”.