“It’s a great feeling,” Nick also told ET. “It’s a kind of dream in which, as close as we are brothers, so are our wives and fiancés.”

“These incredible women did it so well and were the best support system for any of us, individually and as a group,” he added. “To share that with you is a really amazing thing.”

In 2019, Sophie and Priyanka had their own dinner date in January and hooked it up with Danielle on the London set of the Jonas Brothers video for “Sucker” with all three “JSisters” in March.

“We were talking about video girls and who should be in the video and everything,” Priyanka shared on The View, “and the boys looked around and looked at each other and we looked at each other and said, ‘Oh yeah, that makes sense … look at who we are married to! ‘”

And of course, they all spent Turner’s final hours as a single woman at the Billboard Music Awards before storming to the chapel on the actress’ wedding night. While the guest list was kept to a minimum, Diplo Presumably, he had received permission to share the moment with his 5.2 million followers on Instagram Live.