It’s an especially tough Father’s Day in Australia for Hugh Jackmanwho lost his father Christopher John Jackman.

“In the early hours of Father’s Day (AU), my father died peacefully,” said The Greatest Showman star on Instagram on September 6th. “And though there is deep sadness, I am filled with such gratitude and love. My father was, in a word, extraordinary. He dedicated his life to his family, work and faith.”

Hugh continued, “I pray that he is at peace with God now.”

The actor’s grief was met with a surge of support from fans and colleagues, including Ryan Reynoldswho commented, “I was lucky to have met him.”

At the age of 8, Hugh and his siblings were raised by his father alone after his mother left Australia for their native England. In a 2012 interview with 60 Minutes, the 52-year-old actor was overwhelmed with emotion as he described the advice he had taken from Christopher.