Hugh Grant is married with Anna Eberstein for good, for bad, for richer, for poorer, in illness and health to death.

OK, so we should note that we don’t know what the actor’s actual marriage vows were, but we do know for sure that he tied the knot with the Swedish TV producer for the first time in 2018.

Why is he setting the record right now? Well, on June 17, an article by Nicki Swift found in a Google search stated that he married Eberstein – with whom he has three children – “for reasons of passport”.

“No, I haven’t, @Internet,” he quipped in a tweet with a screenshot of the Google result. “I married her because I love her.” Love indeed, indeed.

When a fan asked if he’d forgotten who his wife was and had to google her, Grant went on to say, “No. A friend sent it to me. “

So what’s this article about? Citing a 2018 interview the Undoing star conducted with USA Today, the post described her pre-marriage passport control experience. “My wife agrees that marriage is a pretty absurd social construct,” the actor said at the time. “But when you have three children, that’s a nice thing.”