Who says you have to have a red carpet at a movie premiere?

Teyana Taylor threw her own COVID safe and family friendly premiere party for her movie Coming 2 America, and let’s just say we wish we had an invite!

Teyana hosted the cozy backyard demonstration in her “Auntie’s 360 Compound”, the production studio villa where Teyana works with her business partner coconut. The lavish property was the perfect location for a casual premiere party to celebrate the A-list movie.

“When I said ‘aunts’, aunts are me and Coco,” Teyana explained at the We Got Love premiere tonight. “Me and Coco are a two-woman team. Coco went from being a ballerina who auditioned for me to an adult partner. She’s literally my dancer. Coco believed in all of my crazy visions and crazy dreams. It was literally two People who were passionate and believed in what we knew and we’ve won since then. ”

The chic Coming 2 America festival, however, had a lot of last-minute preparation thanks to numerous personnel errors. “I hate preparing on the same day,” complained Teyana. “I’ve had a lot of frustrations with my team, but thank goodness it’s kind of an all-mans-on-deck situation here.”