Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben said it best: With great strength comes great responsibility.

It applies to superheroes and to the people who play them, and it’s a quote that Simu Liu really took it to heart. Best known for Canadian comedy Kim’s Convenience, the 32-year-old star will join the MCU as the lead cast in Marvel’s Shang-Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings, but isn’t waiting for his film to come out, Begin His To use forces forever.

In addition to fighting anti-Asian racism, he’s on a mission to bring up to a million meals to hungry children across California by working with the California Milk Processor Board (inventor of “Got Milk?”) And working together No child is hungry.

“I think when you talk about superheroes and think about who superheroes have the greatest influence on, it’s male kids like me, but real kids are the ones I think they really love superhero movies and are up to the ethos and the values ​​are of interest. ” he said! News. “Helping children has been one of the things I look forward to most when I enter this platform and all of the privileges that come with it.”

And if Simu has to crack a few balls with his biceps to help these kids, so be it.